Work Groups

Kantara Initiative Work and Discussion Groups are where our members and other identity experts collaborate to understand how we shape a better future for the collection, storage and use of identity information and personal data. From conception and incubation of an idea or project through to reports and specifications development to assessment criteria and supporting tools for Trust Framework operations and assurance programs, our Work Groups bring together thought leaders and innovative thinkers. More details on each Group are available direct from our wiki.

Anyone may contribute to Kantara’s Groups, but only paid-up members of Kantara Initiative hold leadership and have voting rights to approve project outputs through to publication. We do encourage everyone to join since Members are entitled to these as well as the other, broader benefits of membership.

Every Work Group participant (whether a member or nonmember of Kantara Initiative) must sign a Group Participation Agreement (GPA) that provides details of our policies, procedures, and Bylaws as well as the IPR options that each Group operates under.

We use legitimate interest as the lawful basis for collecting and processing basic contact information to process each GPA effectively. We will use your information to keep you informed about Kantara business – including regular news and updates. We will not use or disclose your information for any other purpose than to fulfill those requirements unless required to by law.  Please see our Privacy Statement for full details.


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