As of June 1, 2017, to participate in Kantara Initiative developments, Kantara Initiative Members and Participants are required to agree to specific IPR Terms as determined by a Work Group charter defined Kantara Initiative applicable IPRPolicies_V2.0.

In one specific case, a contribution from Origo Services Limited to the User Managed Access (UMA) Working Group in December 2020, carried a specific license to allow time limited unencumbered development and distribution of draft Kantara specifications based on the contribution; Kantara Licence Pensions Dashboard 20201221.  While the draft Kantara specifications were developed, they have not been subsequently published due to the agreement between the Pensions Dashboard Programme and Kantara to make available on Kantara’s website the original contribution from Origo on revised License terms.

Working Groups prior to June 1, 2017 refer to the Previous IPR Policies listed below:

With regard to the IPR Option Patent & Copyright: Reciprocal Royalty Free with Opt-Out to Reasonable And Non discriminatory (RAND), Only Work Group Participants, listed in each Work Group Participant Roster, may make notices during pre-defined IP review periods. Further, the license grants to anyone, member or nonmember, any license needed to develop and sell a fully compliant implementation of any final Kantara Initiative Recommendation. This royalty free license may be made subject to the condition that those who seek licenses agree to grant the participant, and all others, a reciprocal royalty free license.

While this IPR Policy option was created to benefit all those implementing the final Kantara Initiative Recommendations, the policy also offers a degree of flexibility to ensure that companies concerned with protecting their existing IP portfolio can still participate in the specification development process. To this end, eligible Participants can elect to withdraw from the default royalty free license and instead offer RAND. This election can only be made during pre-defined IP review periods that are present during the Recommendation development process.

Previous IPR Policy Options are detailed here: IPR Policy Options. Note: As of January 10, 2017, IPR Policy Options Version 1.2.1 is that which has the longstanding hyperlink from the Working and Discussion Group Wiki homepages, replacing the older Version 1.1 from 2009, historically published on this page.