Board of Directors

Note: This page will be updated following the outcome of the All Member Ballot in February 2021 for the slate of 4 Directors at Large candidates – Airside [US], Easy Dynamics [US], 2Keys [Canada], Wedacon [Germany] – for the 2021 Board.


Matthew Thompson, Kantara Initiative President
Senior Vice President, Civil Identity for North America at IDEMIA –
Matthew Thompson, CISSP, is an industry-recognized thought leader in the area of Identity and Security Management and currently leads IDEMIA’s Civil and Digital Identity Business in North America. Matt is an innovator in the digital identity space, having co-founded, which was named to the “100 Brilliant Companies” list in 2014 by Entrepreneur Magazine. Matt has spent years working in the public and private sectors to promote privacy-enhancing, secure, interoperable, and user-friendly ways to give individuals and organizations confidence in their online interactions, which garnered him recognition by One World Identity as one of the “Top 100 Leaders in Identity” in 2017 and 2018.

A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and Harvard Business School, Matt is a proven business leader, successful entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete, and decorated combat veteran. He served as an Army Ranger, completing four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Matt’s civilian experience includes positions at McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs, and Capital One.

Allan Foster

ForgeRock (not standing in 2021)

Allan Foster, Kantara Initiative Director (Immediate Past President)
ForgeRock Vice President Community –
Allan is currently VP Community at ForgeRock Inc.As one of the founders of ForgeRock, he has helped build ForgeRock into a multinational Identity Management software vendor with offices on four continents. Having served in multiple positions during its startup, Allan is now responsible for leading the worldwide ForgeRock community. This includes the contributing developer community, as well as the representation of ForgeRock on multiple standards committees.

In the twenty years prior to ForgeRock, Allan founded and ran a successful small consulting business focusing on the Identity Management space, with clients all over the world. With a small and dedicated staff, Guru Associates built a reputation for delivering projects on time, and under budget. Allan is a sought after speaker at international technical conferences where he has spoken on various technical topics.

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Internet Society (ISOC) (not standing in 2021)

Robin Wilton, Kantara Initiative Director
Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy
, on the Internet Society’s Trust and Identity team. He is a specialist in digital identity, IT security and public policy, with almost 30 years experience in systems engineering, consulting and industry analyst roles. Robin was at IBM for 12 years, joined Internet start-up JCP Trustbase in 1997, and spent 8 years at Sun Microsystems following its acquisition of JCP. After leaving Sun, Robin set up and ran an independent consultancy, then joined Gartner Group as an analyst on privacy, PKI and federated identity. In 2012 he joined the Internet Society.

Robin has a reputation for translating complex topics between technologists, business-people and policy-makers. His particular interest is in how social constructs such as identity, privacy and trust are mediated through technology. His technical outreach activity includes work with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), IT vendors and higher education consortia. He also contributes to policy work through bodies such as the Council of Europe and the OECD, where he is a member of the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) and a regular contributor to the proceedings of the Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy.

Julian Ranger, Kantara Initiative Director
Chairman and Founder of –
Julian founded his first business STASYS, specialising in the military internet, in 1987 and grew it to a major multi-national business before selling to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Julian is an angel investor (e.g. Hailo, DataSift, Astrobotic) and is the founder of, which is re-imagining the personal Internet.


Eric Thompson, Kantara Initiative Director
Public Sector Identity and Analytics Chief Strategist at Experian North America

He drives public sector go-to-market strategies for Experian’s Fraud, Identity and Analytics business. His responsibilities include aligning Experian’s solutions to government (NIST) standards, designing analytic solutions to solve major public sector issues, and representing Experian in the broader US Public Sector, including the Kantara Board and various industry working groups.   Prior to his work at Experian, Eric has led security and risk management teams at top financial institutions, business consulting on fraud and identity for public and private sector and served in the U.S. Army.  Eric holds bachelor’s degrees in both International Relations and Russian from University of California, Davis, a master’s degree in Business Administration from University of California, Irvine, and a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification.

Leadership Council Representatives

Ken Dagg Ken Dagg, Kantara Initiative Treasurer
Ken Dagg is currently the chair of the Kantara Initiative IAWG. Mr. Dagg is an independent Identity and Authentication consultant who provides clients with strategic and tactical advice on how to improve their digital service offerings.
Prior to his retirement from the Canadian Federal Government in December 2013 Mr. Dagg was the senior architect of the Cyber Authentication and Identity Management Program of the Government of Canada (GC). In this role he oversaw the replacement of the government’s proprietary cyber authentication system with a new open standards based federation of online credentials from both the private and public sectors that saved the government approximately $35m annually.
Throughout the rest of his diverse thirty-nine year career in the government, educational, scientific and business sectors, Mr. Dagg continuously provided managers at all levels with high quality advice on how to use technology to transform their operations and realize improvements in their effectiveness and efficiency.
Andrew Hughes, Chair of Leadership Council
Andrew Hughes CISM CISSP is a digital identity strategist and international standards expert, working for IDEMIA on mobile ID technologies as an Identity Architect. He works with international associations and standards bodies developing standards and related conformity assessment materials. He is a member of the Kantara Initiative and contributes to industry evolution by volunteering extensively at Kantara, W3C, ISO, ITU-T, Rebooting Web of Trust and IDPro. He serves as Chair of the Kantara Initiative Leadership Council, setting the work programme for this global consortium which advances innovation and standardization of trustworthy use of identity and personal data.  He is deeply engaged in the ‘missing model’ of identity verification; data processing authorization and consent; and W3C Verifiable Credentials evolution. He has been Editor for several standards at OASIS and ITU-T and has launched and Chaired several work groups at industry consortia. Andrew is an active national expert on the Standards Canada delegation to ISO SC 27 and ISO SC 17.


Executive Director

Colin Wallis Colin Wallis
A contributor to Kantara from its inception in 2009, Colin relocated from New Zealand to the UK in 2016 to establish his consulting company with Kantara as its first client, reflecting Kantara’s global membership and the importance of Europe to its assurance program and emergent privacy-enabled suite of specifications and tools.Colin co-founded the Estonian based Kantara Initiative Europe, being one of the earliest examples of a non-profit trade association to be incorporated through Estonia’s eResidency program.His love of speed became apparent in his teens as a member of the NZ Ski Team and in later life, as an avid F1 motor racing fan. Colin was named in One World Identity’ s (OWI) 2018 list of the Top 100 Influencers in Identity

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