Assessor Accreditation

The Kantara IAF-1350 Assessor Accreditation Handbook describes the rules and processes we require assessors to follow when submitting an application to become accredited, to maintain their accreditation and when performing assessments. The handbook also provides information on how accreditations may be terminated or revoked.

Kantara IAF-1610 Required Assessor Knowledge and Skills (RAKS) defines the qualifications and requirements that our Assurance Review Board uses when accrediting assessors.

If you are an assessor or auditing organization seeking accreditation, please follow this checklist:

  1. Complete the Kantara Assessor Application for Assessor Accreditation and supporting evidence as requested in Kantara1610 RAKS
  2. Accept the terms and conditions of the  Trademark License Agreement – TMLA*.
  3. Submit the complete documentation to our Assurance Program Manager

(*) Send this document to your Contract Review Team as soon as possible.

For a full list of approved CSPs and accredited assessors, see our Trust Status List