Identity Assurance Framework


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The Kantara Identity Assurance Framework is a set of controlling documentation.
Documents may evolve independently.
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NOTE: Kantara Identity Assurance Framework Major Release – 2020-10-15
This release of updates to the KIAF consists of significant changes which have been coordinated to provide a single, harmonized, release.  The changes incorporated in this release can be found at: KIAF Major Release – 2020-10-15

Table of Contents

  1. Identity Assurance Framework Overview
  2. Documentation for Service Provider Approval
  3. Documentation for Assessor Accreditation
  4. IAF Archives

Identity Assurance Framework Overview

IAF-1050 Glossary and Overview
INFORMATIVE for Service Providers and Assessors 
  • Kantara Initiative’s Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) consists of policies, processes, reference materials and criteria which together define an Approval scheme for organizations operating services which provide Identity and Credential Management functions.
  • Approval is based on independent third-party assessments, performed by Kantara-Accredited Assessors, of the subject services, to determine those services’ conformity to the applicable criteria.
  • KIAF 1050 Glossary and Overview provides a Glossary of terms used within the IAF for the purposes of conveying specific meanings and an Overview of the IAF and its constituent parts, both organizationally and in terms of the available reference documents.


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