Kantara Board Trustees/Directors Liaison Sub-Committee Agreement

Kantara welcomes your subject matter expertise in reviewing and commenting on these documents herein. These documents provided to Kantara by third party Standards Development Organizations and others, under certain terms agreed to by Kantara, pertaining to the third party including but limited to Intellectual Property, copyright and limited access for the purposes of review. This Liaison sub committee is accessible to members only, since it is members who have accepted Kantara's Membership Agreement and thus acknowledged all of Kantara's policies and procedures pertaining to its activities . Further terms and conditions; 1) You must be a Kantara member in good standing and remain so. Failure to do so will result in your/you organization's removal from this sub-committee; 2) MUST have the AUTHORITY TO EXECUTE the LSC Agreement on behalf of yourself or your organization; 3) MUST KEEP CONFIDENTIAL any and all information reviewed as a part of the LSC; 4) MUST NOT share such information in any public forum, mail list or teleconference; 5) MUST NOT submit any comments or information that has or might have IPR claims associated with such comments or information; 6) You acknowledge Kantara uses Legitimate Interest as the lawful basis for collecting and processing the personal information pursuant to this Agreement. Please carefully review this Agreement's terms and conditions below, because by acknowledging and accepting this Agreement, you are agreeing to be bound by these policies. Should you have any questions please contact the Kantara staff. Please complete the form below for Staff review on behalf of the Board. Should you have any questions please contact the Kantara staff.
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If this Agreement is being accepted by an employee of an organization, you acknowledge that you have authority from your organization to execute this Agreement. You further acknowledge that all information provided is true and accurate and in the case of an employee signing on behalf of an organization, any change to employment status must be communicated to Staff@kantarainitiative to invoke your removal from this sub-committee.