Kantara Accredited Assessors for 800-63-3

Below is a complete list of all Kantara Accredited Assessors available to assess against the Kantara 800-63-3 Class of Approval. 

Please take the opportunity to review each assessor’s information. We encourage you to contact multiple assessors to determine who best aligns with your company’s goals. Please note that fees charged by the assessors are beyond what is listed on the Kantara Assurance Program fee page. The Kantara Trust Status List provides additional details on each assessor’s accreditation.

Kuma  1 (800) 993-7027 x701
Lead Assessor – Beltus Ikechukwu

Kuma is a global privacy and security consulting company.  We pride ourselves on bringing progressive best practices for optimal success to every client, staffing each project with senior-level resources, and delivering influential thought leadership through strong industry relationships and quality partnerships. Kuma has successfully delivered projects across numerous markets, including federal, state and local, commercial, and international sectors offering a wide range of services grounded in the governmental security and privacy standards of our client’s jurisdiction.

Schellman – 1 (866) 254-0000 x612
Lead Assessor – Scott Perry

Schellman is a leading provider of attestation and compliance services. We are the only company in the world that is a CPA firm, a globally licensed PCI Qualified Security Assessor, an ISO Certification Body, HITRUST CSF Assessor, a FedRAMP 3PAO, and most recently, an APEC Accountability Agent. Renowned for expertise tempered by practical experience, Schellman’s professionals provide superior client service balanced by steadfast independence. Our approach builds successful, long-term relationships and allows our clients to achieve multiple compliance objectives through a single third-party assessor.

Seadot   +46705 220110
Lead Assessor – Bjorn Sjoholm  

Seadot Cybersecurity has the experience and expertise to help organizations in their efforts to successfully manage risk. Hand in hand with the rapid digitization and technology transformation, comes a rapid increase in advanced cyber security threats. No organization is immune. Seadot can help organizations utilize the digitization to their advantage, and managing the risks that security threats impose. Only when security is managed well will an organization be able to truly thrive in the world of today.

Slandala – 1 (703) 851-6813
Lead Assessor – James Jung   

The Slandala Company is a small business providing Information Assurance and Information Technology support. Our focus is on the design, implementation and operation of information assurance systems and the technologies that enable and support the implementation of information security services. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by focusing on experience-based expertise. Our staff has more than 26 years of experience in the Information Security field. Our service offerings are based on our experience and support the complete IT lifecycle.

Zygma  1 (714) 797-9942
Lead Assessor – Richard Wilsher  

Zygma is established as a business specializing in the development of Trust (Assurance) Frameworks, Certification and Accreditation schema and identity management processes and standards, in addition to delivering its information security management consultancy services. The name ‘Zygma’ and our logo are a play on the name of the Greek character ‘Σ’ (Sigma), a mathematical symbol to indicate ‘the sum of’.  Zygma operates under an ethos of working alongside its clients, thereby delivering information security which is greater than the sum of our parts.