What We Do

Kantara Initiative provides strategic vision and real world innovation for the transformation of digital identity and agency over personal data.  Through current initiatives including the development of specifications for User Managed Access (EIC Award Winner for Innovation in Information Security 2014) and Consent Receipt (exampled in Annex B of DIS ISO/IEC 29184 Online privacy notices and consent) Kantara Initiative connects a global, open, and transparent leadership community.

Previous thought-leading work ahead of its time such as  Identity Relationship Management , Identities of Things and Blockchain and Smart Contracts still resonates globally today

Kantara Initiative members take the lead to discover strategic issues at the intersection of identity, personal data agency IoT, and usability. This is what we call “connected life.” Our Members develop strategies and innovations that simplify our increasingly complex connected lives. Kantara Initiative develops innovations to solve real world problems for the identity based digital transformation.

The Connected Life innovation groups are:

User-Managed Access Develops User-Managed Access an open specification for user-centric authorization.  Applicable for both enterprise and individuals.
Consent and Information Sharing Develops the Minimum Viable Consent Receipt for “tagging” a consent action and generation of a digital receipt to log the consent action.



While connections to digital services and technologies grow, personal data generated by those connections is a challenge to manage. In the landscape of identity, personal data privacy, security, and access technology and policy, varying national approaches and schemes exist. Governments and industry are connecting more and more to leverage their strengths for provision of services. This is the world of borderless IdM, where governments and industry seek to harmonize. Kantara Initiative develops assurance and interoperability programs to support the trust layer of on-line transactions.

The Trust Services interoperability groups are:


Identity Assurance Develops the Identity Assurance Framework as the controlling documents for the Kantara Identity Assurance Program.
Health Identity Assurance Provides review and expertise of the Identity Assurance Framework with a special focus on eHealth policy and technical interoperability.
eGovernment Provides industry expert insight with regard to national identity policy and interoperability programs.
Federation Interoperability Develops profiles and supporting materials for Kantara Initiative Federation Interoperability efforts including technical profiles development and harmonization of business cases for trusted federation and trust framework meta-model.
Consent Management Solutions Consent Management Solutions are used to manage the full lifecycle of an individual’s consent for the processing of their personal data. That consent needs to be: freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.