why join kantara

Why Join Kantara?

Kantara’s Mission is to grow and fulfill the market for trustworthy use of identity and personal data. Its Vision is to see equitable and transparent exchange of identity and personal data for mutual value.

Kantara Initiative, Inc. is unique in offering service providers 3rd party conformity assessment and assurance approval against its NIST 800-63-3 Class of Approval under its Identity Assurance Trust Framework, extendable to other schemes.

Kantara draws experts in the fields of identity assurance, privacy policy and information systems assessment. Members collaborate to nurture emerging technical communities, standardize practices and operate conformity assessment programs.

Kantara Initiative Inc is international and apolitical. More than 50% of its members reside outside the US comprising public, private and non-profit sectors. Its open and transparent leadership community is committed to low or no barriers to participation – offered by no other organization in the industry.

Nuture, innovate, operate – that’s what we do.

Join Kantara to ​

Drive your digital identity solution work towards certification against NIST SP 800-63-3

Bring your scheme into Kantara's Trust Framework sphere of operations for assurance and interoperability

Community develop, sponsor and publish your breakthrough concepts on a globally acknowledged platform

Adopt and extend Kantara specifications such as Consent Receipt and User Managed Access (UMA)

Get pre-public access to draft international standards & policy development in organizations such as OECD & ISO.

Raise your profile for speaking opportunities at conferences at discounted fees