Assurance Program Fees

Application Fees – 3-year Program Cycle

Invoices will be sent after the ARB accepts the initial application. Any questions or concerns should be sent to

Application fees for the second and third years of the program cycle are less than year 1 due to the smaller scope of Annual Conformity Reviews. 

Class of Approval/ Assurance Level
Year 1
Years 2 and 3 (ACR)
NIST 800-63 rev. 3

Trust Mark Fees

This annual fee is per Trust Mark and is invoiced after ARB approval of a package.  Any questions or concerns should be sent to

Class of Approval/ Assurance Level
Annual Fee
NIST 800-63 rev. 3$6,000

Accredited Assessor Fee

This fee is paid by the Accredited Assessor to Kantara. It is NOT a fee for a CSP applying for the Assurance Program. 

The Accredited Assessor fee is based on the size of the assessor’s company. An invoice is sent to the Kantara Accredited Assessor annually after ARB approval of their triennial application or annual conformity review. Any questions or concerns should be sent to

Size of Company
Annual Fee
1 – 3 Personnel Company
4 – 100 Personnel Company
101 – 1,000 Personnel Company

Interested in Kantara membership as well?
Any company participating in the Assurance Program will receive a 25% discount on a Kantara membership. Learn more about our membership here! Please reach out to to inquire about your discounted membership.