Kantara Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility – (deia-sc)

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Identity is foundational for engaging in an increasingly digital society. As such solutions must be accessible and designed to enable the equitable exchange of trust across the entire digital ecosystem. The purpose of this sub-committee is as follows:

  • To champion DEIA within the identity ecosystem and the changes needed across the identity industry to promote more equitable outcomes across service providers and standards bodies.
  • To establish common terminology and taxonomy for DEIA specific to digital identity to harmonize cross-industry dialogue.
  • To develop a methodology that enable relying parties to better measure identity outcomes, impacts across different demographics, and overall return on investment (ROI) for adopting more inclusive practices
  • To facilitate the creation of recommendations or a maturity model for enabling more equitable outcomes for digital identity. This includes practices for identity verification/proofing, authentication, etc.
  • To develop a framework for assessing provider conformance and ability to enable more equitable outcomes for digital identity.


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