Interoperability Certification Program

Inventing new technologies and standards without sustained vendor certification testing is a recipe for slow and painful adoption of identity standards. Certification of interoperability of vendor implementations is critical to easing deployments in the real world.

Kantara Initiative has a goal of working collaboratively to solve harmonization and interoperability challenges among identity-enabled enterprise, Web 2.0 and Web-based applications and services. Our agile testing and certification program will help effectively accelerate adoption of new technologies and standards, helping deployers to deploy with confidence, success and minimal time and cost, and vendors to incorporate standards effectively and interoperability into their offerings.

View a list of all Kantara Initiative Certified SAML 2.0 Interoperable Products and Services as well as Tools and Libraries.

How is the Interoperability Program managed?
– The Interoperability Review Board, a Board of Trustee sub-committee provides Interoperability Program oversight.

Where does the supporting technical work happen?
– The Interoperability Review Board supports the Interoperability Program.

Where can I find the full details about the Interoperability Program?
– In the Interoperability Certification Center.

Full-Matrix Kantara Interoperable Implementation Results
Final Report

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