Kantara Initiative Unveils Design Principles IRM Report

Report Shares Identity Relationship Management Design Principles and Real-world Use Cases for Identity Professionals
Report is Free to Download
 WAKEFIELD, Mass., USA – June 19, 2017 – Kantara Initiative unveiled today the follow-up report to its 2015 ground-breaking “Laws of Relationship Management (IRM)” that established new industry criteria for IRM.  The new report announced today at the Cloud Identity Summit 2017 trade show refines and adds extensive commentary based on two years of practical experience and research by Kantara’s IRM Work Group.
The new report is titled “Refining The Design Principles of Identity Relationship Management” and aims to share IRM use cases and support the emerging discipline, Consumer Identity Access Management.  The report is the only documents of its kind and is free for download.
“This report offers design principles for consideration and real-world use cases for identity professionals to study,” said Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara Initiative.  “The information for this report was gathered by the IRM Work Group’s proactive efforts to find and examine examples of IRM currently implemented.  The data was then distilled down into a “lessons learned” format.”

The abstract of the new report states:
IRM addresses the current state of identity management and the need to promote relationships, in both representations and awareness, in order to provide identity management practitioners with more accurate, more manageable, and more deployable means of managing digital identities in our hyper connected world.
According to the report, the refined design principles of relationships include them being provable, constrainable, mutable, revocable, delegable and scalable.  Details on each of these design principles is provided in the report along with a section looking toward the future.
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