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Title: Refining the Design Principles of Identity Relationship Management

Version: 2.0f

Date: 2017-05-26

Editor: Sal D’Agostino, Ian Glazer

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Report produced by the Identity Relationship Management Work Group. It has been approved by the Leadership Council of the Kantara Initiative. See the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures for more information.

Relationships are not new but their representation has rarely been first class citizen in the realm of digital identity. In the past, relationships have been represented as attributes such as memberOf or implied in identifiers such as distinguished name. IRM addresses the current state of identity management and the need to promote relationships, in both representations and awareness, in order to provide identity management practitioners with more accurate, more manageable, and more deployable means of managing digital identities in our hyperconnected world. To that end, the IRM WG offers the following design principles of relationships.

Filename: Refining the Design Principles of Identity Relationship Management v2.0f.pdf