IRM Work Group is Live!

Dear Community,
With great pleasure, I announce the formation of the Identity Relationship Management Work Group (IRM WG)! If you’re interest in evolving or are practicing IRM – this is your innovation space.
The wiki space (work in progress) is here.
The sign up form is here. *

* Note and shameless plug: You don’t need to be a Kantara Member to join the group but we hope you’ll consider it! As a non-profit, every Membership counts.

Not sure what IRM is?  No problem.  The original post is here. IRM (roughly) provides a business focused language to describe the current and future state of Identity Services, Protocols and Standards.  IRM is about the evolution of Identity and Access Management from the IT and GRC team to the Business Development team.  IRM captures the sense that IdM / IAM is about more than solving a help desk issue – it’s about growing connecting for businesses, communities, and governments.
IRM has already resonated with companies on an international scale including the founders: Experian, ForgeRock, and  Once the pillars were published innovators like Radiant Logic and Avoco Identity were quick to tell their “IRM Story”.  CA has also noted the language strongly resonates with their mission. IRM is about the evolution and value of Identity and Relationships and how business, governments, consumers, and citizens can use that value to power their market. IRM considers the use of on-line context today and starts to draw the path to provision of user access and control for respect for privacy (resource sharing) management (See User Managed Access – UMA).
In June, I gave a presentation at the IRM Summit to describe the IRM revolution.  You can check the video to get a quick idea of the topic (yes, there might be rainbow unicorns somewhere in the deck).
At the same event, Ian Glazer has already started the ball rolling with his intro to “the Laws of Relationship Management.” Ian has started the community discussion around IRM and what does it look like – perhaps technically and policy wise. Check out Ian’s presentation.
If you’re interested in discussing the business language of Identity, while evolving and innovating use cases, technology and policy, IRM is the group for you.  If you’d like to share your IRM Story, IRM is the group for you.
We look forward to evolving IRM and revolutionizing Identity with you!
Joni Brennan
Executive Director, Kantara Initiative