Spotlight on Kantara Member Radiant Logic


 In this edition of Spotlight, we are pleased to tell readers more about Radiat Logic, their unique role in IdM, and why they became Members of Kantara Initiative.
1) Why was your service/product created, and how is it providing real-world value today?
Radiant Logic introduced the first virtual directory into the enterprise software scene. The VDS allows enterprises to create a single view of identity data from all kinds of backend sources and was the answer to many unsolvable integration challenges in the industry. Our product offering, RadiantOne, expanded to include not just the VDS, but the Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS), and the Cloud Federation Service (CFS).
Many of today’s Fortune 1000 companies have complex identity infrastructures with many heterogeneous data stores. They are facing the challenge of integrating these data silos in a number of environments—both on-premises and in the cloud, Microsoft and non-Microsoft, and legacy environments—in order to achieve business goals. RadiantOne is as a complete federated identity service, helping organizations to solve these tough integration challenges by providing identity information to drive authentication and authorization through a global view of users. RadiantOne, now with HDAP, a super-scalable LDAP directory, provides solutions that work alongside enterprises’ existing identity investments. RadiantOne speeds deployments, reduces migration costs, and provides flexibility for dynamic business requirements.
2) Where is your organization envisioned to be strategically in the next 5-10 years?
Radiant Logic will continue to provide secure top-notch technology solutions to enterprises solving identity integration and federation challenges. The recent explosion of devices, mobility, and the “internet of things” challenges the relatively static, traditional model of Identity Management that focused on users, groups, roles and providing access to resources according to policies and governance. Managing the dynamic links that tie today’s technological activities back to users presents both an opportunity and a challenge for us. We have long touted the idea of context-driven identity as a way to manage those relationships and will continue to advance those solutions.
3) Why did you join Kantara Initiative?
We joined Kantara initiative as we believe our vision is similar to Kantara’s vision on IRM and its 4 pillars (namely Customers and Things over Employees, Adaptable over Predictable, Revenue over OpEx, and Velocity over Process). We believe that linking identity and context is key to IRM. How context is discovered, extracted, and represented in a standard way–which is then linked back to identity coming out of multiple applications and data silos—is at the heart of Radiant Logic technology. Our goal is to see Kantara initiative create a framework for standards and interoperable API on how this context is discovered, stored, accessed and linked to identity. This standard should apply to authentication and, even more, to authorization. We expect Kantara Initiative to help drive standardization in this new space of “contextual aware identities” or IRM, and encourage vendors to build interoperable implementations using standard APIs.
4) What else should we know about your organization, the service/product, or even your own experiences?
Radiant Logic provides directory migration and integration solutions. We have extensive experience unifying user directories across AD and LDAP and decommissioning legacy systems through directory virtualization. You can read more about this at