2014 IRM Summit – Kantara is Community Home of IRM

Last week we had the pleasure of taking part in the Identity Relationship Management (IRM) Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.  The event was sponsored by Kantara Initiative Board Member ForgeRock with additional support of many industry leaders including another Kantara Board Member Radiant Logic.  There were too many supporters of this great event to list but you can get the details about all the participants and supporters from http://irmsummit.com.
Get an insider view from the full blog post or skip right to the workshop presentations https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/iAA0
There are also lots of tweets and photos from @kantaranews #irmsummit
Kantara Initiative kicked off the event on, June 3rd, with a packed standing room workshop on the opening day.  It was a pleasure to kick off the summit and get people ready for the week to come.  Our workshop focused on the IRM Pillars with an afternoon full of stories, presentations and talks that touched the IRM themes.  Note that each of these presentations also have a relationship with Kantara Initiative through our role as neutral community conveners of identity innovations and verification programs.
Kantara Initiative Board of Trustee President Allan Foster (ForgeRock, @guruallan) set the tone for the day.  We began with an overview of the history and current state of the IRM Pillars.  Noting that Kantara Initiative is on the verge of launching the IRM Work Group so that we can evolve the pillars as a community.
Next up Ian Glazer (Salesforce.com) presented an update and the current state of the NSTIC & IDESG (reality and non).  The work of the IDESG is also resonating with the IRM Pillars as we all push toward the future of Identity and Access Management as key business development tools, while we expand focus to relationships. It should be noted that Kantara Initiative strongly values our neutral liaison relationship with IDESG as they further evolve as an organization.
After Ian’s update, Eve Maler presented User Managed Access for the enterprise, a project of the Kantara Initiative.  UMA is core to building trusted user experience by giving users, enterprise, and governments tools for choice and control around resource sharing. UMA is also hot on the heals of taking home the 2014 Innovation in Information Security Award.
Kolin Whitley, (Kantara Board Member Experian) presented Experian’s concepts of IRM around agile Identity Proofing, noting that context is key to business and user experience.  Experian is also a Kantara Initiative Approved Service Component taking part in and shaping our Assurance Program.
Michel Prompt (Kantara Board Member Radiant Logic) presented his very visionary thinking regarding their HDAP (H for hyper-connected) and ADAP (A for adaptive) as evolutions to LDAP.  Michel also shared his short publication “Zen and the art of Identity Management” – we loved the title and are browsing the content actively.
Finally, Karen McCabe (Kantara Board Member IEEE-SA) closed the day by discussing the Open Stand initiative which, much like the IRM Pillars, provides a set of values, language, and working tools for development of open standards. Note that Kantara Initiative is an Open Stand supporter!
This was only the beginning for the IRM Summit and we were treated to 2 days of diverse, informative, innovative, and, dare we say, fun presentations from international industry leaders who resonate with IRM.  We also enjoy the diversity of attendees who were a mix of analysts, engineers, and business strategists.  Truly a diverse crowd.
We hope to see you at the next IRM Summit in the EU this fall.  Stay tuned for more information.