SAML Interoperable Implementations, Tools, Libraries and Services

Interoperable solutions are key to rapid, successful, worry-free deployments. This program was designed to help deployers achieve this success by taking away some of the “unknowns” regarding how a solution will function on its own or with other related products. Customers evaluating or deploying solutions that have successfully completed the Kantara Interoperable program know that the implementation has passed our rigorous testing process which requires true interoperability with multiple implementations.

Kantara Initiative Interoperable SAML 2.0 Products and Services*

Product Name Project/Vendor License IdP IdP Light SP SP Light eGov 1.5 Attr Auth Resp. POST Bind. Other Other protocols
ADFS 2.0 Microsoft commercial X X X WS-Federation
Authentic2 Entrouvert OSS IdP, SP OpenID, CAS, OAuth
CA Federation Manager CA commercial X X X
DirX Access Atos/Siemens commercial X X X
Entrust Identity Guard Entrust commercial X X X X X X
Entrust Identity Guard Entrust commercial X X X X X X
EIC Ericsson commercial X
Horizon App Manager VMware commercial X X X X X
HP OpenView Select Federation HP discontinued X X X X
Larpe Entrouvert OSS X X SAML Reverse Proxy OpenID, CAS, OAuth
LemonLDAP::NG OSS (pending) WS-Federation, OpenID
NetWeaver Appserver SAP commercial (pending) CAS, OpenId, Twitter
NetWeaver IDM SAP commercial X X
Novell Access Manager Novell commercial X X X X X
OpenAM ForgeRock (ex. Sun) OSS X X X X X X X ECP WS-Federation
OpenASelect OSS (pending) OAuth
Oracle Identity Federation 11g Oracle commercial X X
PicketLink JBoss Community OSS (pending) OpenID, A-Select, CAS
PingFederate Ping Identity commercial X X WS-Federation, WS-Trust, OpenID, OAuth, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live, Salesforce
ProSale Identity Comfact AB commercial X X X
ProSale Signing Comfact AB commercial X X
RSA Federated Identity Manager RSA commercial X X X Facebook, OpenID, LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live
Shibboleth Internet2 OSS IdP, SP, Discovery
SimpleSAMLphp UNINETT AS OSS X X OpenID, A-Select, CAS, WS-Federation and OAuth,Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter, Windows Live
Symlabs Federated Identity Suite Symlabs commercial X X X X X X ECP OpenID, A-Select, CAS, WS-Federation and OAuth
Tivoli Federated Identity Manager IBM commercial X X X X WS-Federation
TrustBind/Federation Manager NTT Software Corp commercial X X X X X ECP OpenID, ID-WSF
Ubilogin SSO Ubisecure Solutions commercial X X X X X X ECP, Discovery ETSI MSS 102 204, TUPAS, WS-Federation, OpenID
ZXID OSS X X X X X X X IdP, SP, Discovery

* Note: Products and Services with “X’s” marked have been SAML 2.0 Certified. Certifications performed in 2010 are Kantara Interoperable Certified. Certifications performed prior to 2010 were certified as Liberty Interoperable.

Libraries and toolkits to develop SAML actors and SAML-enabled services

The Libraries and Toolkits below are used by developers to integrate applications and services into SAML federations or to build their own SAML-actors like IdPs.

Libararies and Toolkits Organization Licence Language bindings
Lasso Entr\’ouvert OSS C, Phython, Java, Perl, C#
OIOSAML 2.0 Toolkit Danish IT and Telekom Agency OSS Java, .Net, PHP
OpenSAML Internet2 OSS C++, Java
ZXID OSS C, other lang using

SAML-related Services

Service Organization Location Purpose
PingConnect Ping Identity On-Demand SSO for dozens of SaaS providers
OneLogin OneLogin IdP for SAML- and OpenID-enabled cloud services free IdP
PEER Internet2 Public metadata registry Internet2 IdP and SP for testing
Federation Lab Géant Test-SP, metadata registry, test tools
Feide OpenIdP UNINETT AS IdP that allows any user to register, and any SP to connect
SAML Tracer UNINETT AS A tool for viewing SAML messages sent through the browser during single sign-on and single logout.