Spotlight on Zygma – Accredited Assessor

1. In which sector(s) and country(ies) do you operate?
Principally the USA, but over the years I have delivered services to clients in many other countries, e.g. GB, FR, SE, BM, IT and worked with partners from many other (mostly European) countries.
2. What is your current market focus and what needs and areas of concern does your service/product address?
Information Security Management design, implementation, readiness assessment, audit, training, using IS27001 and NIST RMF as the principal frameworks;  Identity Management design, implementation, audit;  Assurance Framework architecting, specification & operation;  other infosec/assurance related tasks according to client requirements.
3. In what ways does your service/product push beyond the state-of- the- art?
Zygma’s services are based on three decades of experience in the Information Security Management and 15 years in the Id Management domains.  These services react to changing needs, whether through revisions to applicable standards or novella client approaches towards meeting those standards.  Pre-assessments against the relevant criteria held CSPs hone their product and service designs to ensure fulfillment of those criteria.
4. Where do you see the market trending in the mid/long term and how do you see your product/service playing into it?
No business can survive without competently addressing its information security management requirements and the predominant trend to engage in online transactions, or even face-face transactions which require a precursory on-line process demands convenient on-line identity proofing and authentication services.  Assurance that enterprises are competently engaging in such practices will become increasingly significant.  Zygma’s depth of experience and flexibility allow it to serve that need in many facets.
5. Why were you motivated to join Kantara Initiative and how do you see it helping your organization specifically, and the digital economy as a whole?
As the principal architect of both tScheme (in the UK) and Kantara’s Identity Assurance Framework, ongoing and very active involvement in both the development of the IAF per se, and the provision of assessment and assessment management services under its Classes of Approval has become a way of life.  Zygma’s role is to facilitate CSPs wishing to become Approved/Certified under the IAF.
6. What other significant aspects about your organization (service/product) should our global community know about?
Zygma has functioned since 1993 as an independent enterprise (initially in the UK), consistently satisfying its clients, building long-term relationships with customers and colleagues, maintaining high ethical standards and operating on the basis that Zygma works WITH its clients, not just for them.
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