Spotlight on Seadot – Accredited Assessor

1. In which sector(s) and country(ies) do you operate?
We are based in Sweden and operate primarily in Northern Europe.
2. What is your current market focus and what needs and areas of concern does your service/product address?
We focus on delivering Cyber Security advisory and audit services to organizations with regulatory compliance challenges. We advise our customers on how they can address cyber security risks in an effective and compliant way.
3. In what ways does your service/product push beyond the state-of- the- art?
We have extensive experience in handling cyber risks. With our experience from many different sectors and many regulations and standards in the area, we can support our clients so that they in turn get an effective cyber risk and compliance operations.
4. Where do you see the market trending in the mid/long term and how do you see your product/service playing into it?
We see a rather fast movement to a more regulated world within cyber risk and cyber security. With the rapid development of IoT & OT, smart cities, AI and many other developments within the cyber world regulators are stepping up. Business will have to work more with cybersecurity and compliance to keep up with regulations and deliver services to their customers.
5. Why were you motivated to join Kantara Initiative and how do you see it helping your organization specifically, and the digital economy as a whole?
We see Kantara Initiative as a good platform for Seadot to cooperate with other organizations in our domain to ensure cybersecurity for the digital economy – specifically within identity, assurance and trust.
6. What other significant aspects about your organization (service/product) should our global community know about?
Seadot is the only Kantara Accredited Assessor based in Europe.
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