Spotlight on Kantara Member CA Technologies: Security Business Unit

mem-caIn this edition of Spotlight, we are pleased to tell readers more about CA Technologies, their unique role in IdM, and why they became Members of Kantara Initiative.
1) Why was your service/product created, and how is it providing real-world value today?
The new application economy has transformed the way we do business, with every competitive business taking advantage of the major digital trends of our time: mobile, cloud, social and the Internet of Things. Every business should now consider themselves in the software business. In addition, the old network perimeter is no longer relevant—today’s IT organization must deal with highly distributed identities across the entire business environment that come from many sources—applications, systems, social media, etc. In addition, mobile employees and customers are changing the face of business, and redefining the challenge of delivering secure applications quickly to the changing user population. Users need to be able to access information anywhere, anytime, and from a range of different devices.
These factors cause a dramatic shift in the role of security. What is needed is a comprehensive identity-centric app delivery platform that can not only protect the business, but also unleash it to quickly take advantage of new business opportunities and channels.
CA Technologies has been a leader in identity-based services since 2004. Our broad and integrated solutions enable our customers to:

  • Accelerate the development and delivery of secure applications through agile API platforms.
  • Deliver services to their customers across the channels of their choice – from Web to Mobile to APIs
  • Govern access across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Protect against insider threats and external attacks

In addition, our solutions have proven scalability that have been successfully deployed in some of the largest and most complex IT environments in the world.
2) Where is your organization envisioned to be strategically in the next 5-10 years?
We expect to continue to be a leader by providing identity, access, and API management solutions that our customers need to help them grow their business and provide a compelling and convenient user experience, while protecting their key systems, apps, and data from threat and attack. We will accomplish by the continuing to enhance the capabilities of our core identity solutions, and by strategically investing in adjacent technologies that will help expand the breadth of our offering. We will also increase our investment in transformational technologies that can help to dramatically reshape the market and provide our customers with sustainable competitive advantage.
3) Why did you join Kantara Initiative?
We have always believed that a collaborative and open environment for creating industry standards provides significant benefits to our customers, and therefore to us. The mission and membership of Kantara supports these goals of collaboration and innovation, and therefore we continue to strongly support and remain active in its activities.
4) What else should we know about your organization, the service/product, or even your own experiences?
The world of identities has been a dynamic and exciting area over the past few years, and the current changes we are going through – the rise of mobility, cloud-based services, social identities, and internet of things – are the most exciting yet. We are proud to have been a leader in this area for many years and are looking forward to helping shape this market moving forward with continued innovation to help our customers unleash and protect their business.