Kantara Trust Status List keeps growing

WAKEFIELD, Mass., USA –(June 30, 2016) – Kantara Initiative announces the Grant of Kantara Initiative Service Approval Trustmark to the MedAllies Credential Service Provider (CSP) – Identity Proofing Component service operating at Level of Assurance 1, 2 and 3 non-PKI and re-approval of Experian as CSP – Identity Proofing Component at level 2 and 3. Both were assessed against the Identity Assurance Framework – Service Assessment Criteria by Kantara Accredited Assessors
Kantara Initiative Accredits Assessors, Approves Credential and Component Service Providers at Levels of Assurance 1, 2 and 3 to issue and manage trusted credentials for ICAM and industry Trust Framework ecosystems. The broad and unique cross section of industry and multi-jurisdictional stakeholders, within the Kantara Membership, have the opportunity to develop new Trust Frameworks and profiles of the core Identity Assurance Framework for applicability to their communities of trust. The Kantara Initiative Trust Framework Program drives toward modular, agile, portable, and scalable assurance to connect business, governments, customers, and citizens. Join Kantara Initiative to participate in the leading edge of trusted identity innovation development.
“MedAllies is pleased to have received this certification, which demonstrates our commitment to further expand our scope of digital identity management. With this certification, we add to our EHNAC/DTAAP accreditation to allow for OTP capability, which will apply throughout the healthcare industry benefiting providers and patients. ” said A. John Blair, MD, Chief Executive Officer at MedAllies. To learn more about MedAllies, please visit  www.medallies.com
“This is a further example of Experian’s commitment to being a leader in the fraud and identity industry through continuous innovation and best practice market certification. As a long standing member of Kantara, we have seen first-hand the value that Kantara represents to the industry and we are committed to our ongoing relationship with them”, said Kolin Whitley, Senior Director at Experian.  To learn more about Experian, please visit  http://www.experian.com/business-services/fraud-management.html
“Kantara warmly welcomes MedAllies to the growing cohort of approved providers in the digital identity and credential space, particularly in this critical area of clinical messaging amongst doctors and hospitals in domestic US Healthcare”, said Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative Inc.
For further information or to accelerate your business by becoming Kantara Accredited or Approved contact secretariat@kantarainitaitive.org
About Kantara Initiative
Kantara Initiative is a membership non-profit organization that provides strategic vision and real world innovation for the digital identity transformation.  Developing initiatives including: Identity Relationship ManagementUser Managed AccessIdentities of Things, and Minimum Viable Consent Receipt.