Kantara Initiative Trust Framework Model & IdM Summit presentations

Catch up the on the Trust Framework Model & IdM Summit presentations from our day at the EIC Conference last week.

  • Introduction Opening Kantara Initiative Overview – Matthew Gardiner – slides
  • Session 1: Open Identity Trust Framework Model, Kantara IAF, Assurance Certification & OIX Listing Service and Success Stories, Kantara and OIX full scale solution – John Bradley & Don Thibeau – slides
  • Session 2: Privacy Framework overview and value proposition – Colin Wallis (on behalf of Mark Lizar) – slides
  • Session 3a: Info Sharing and Individual Trust Frameworks – Iain Henderson – slides
  • Session 3b: eGovernment Commonalities within Europe and beyond – Colin Wallis & Fulup Ar Foll – slides
  • Session 4: TelCo Requirements on IdM Systems & Massively Scaleable IdM Architecture for TelCos – Ingo Friese & Fulup Ar Foll – slides
  • Session 5: TAS3 – Trusted Architecture for Secure Shared Services (with Privacy) and Personal Data Store – Sampo Kellomaki – slides