Kantara Initiative Collaborating with Open Identity Exchange, OpenID Foundation and others on Multi-Protocol Federation Interoperability Demonstration

Authorization Standards Workshop Also Being Held at Burton Group Catalyst Conference North America 2010.
Piscataway, NJ, July 19, 2010 – Kantara Initiative, an open forum providing identity ecosystem members the opportunity to collaboratively address harmonization and interoperability challenges that exist between identity systems, Web 2.0 applications and services, and Web-based initiatives, is participating in an Open Identity for Business Interop demonstration and an Authorization Standards Workshop at this year’s Burton Catalyst event in San Diego, on July 27.
Kantara Initiative is collaborating with members of the OpenID Foundation, the Information Card Foundation, the Open Identity Exchange, and Identity Commons to demonstrate uses of open identity as a business enabler in the Open Identity for Business Interop. This event will showcase:

  • Practical applications of the work activity of the US Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) Subcommittee, National Institutes of Health, and their partners
  • Examples of using different levels of assurance across multiple trust federations
  • Illustrations of how open identity is moving to mobile devices and enabling new types of mobile applications
  • New browser-based applications that use identity services to automate cross-site user experiences

“Today’s organizations have new choices when it comes to working with the identities of their partners, citizens, suppliers, and customers – choices that can reduce costs, increase trust and create new business opportunities,” says Don Thibeau, Chairman of the Open Identity Exchange. “The Open Identity Exchange is collaborating with the Kantara Initiative and others on the Open Identity for Business Interop featured at this year’s Catalyst conference to show tangible examples of how identity services can enable business at multiple levels of assurance and across multiple protocols and multiple federations.”

“The use cases highlighted during this workshop held at Burton Catalyst are excellent examples of how Kantara Initiative works openly with the Identity community to fulfill its mission to foster interoperability, innovation and broad adoption through the development of open identity specifications and education programs,” added John Bradley, an independent ID management consultant and chairman of Kantara Initiative’s Federation Interoperability working group.
Kantara Initiative is also spearheading the Authorization Standards Workshop to be held on July 27th at 12:30pm PDT. This interactive workshop will explore the most current developments and trends in authorization standards, including OAuth (a community initiative now being standardized within the IETF), User-Managed Access (being developed within the Kantara Initiative) and XACML (an OASIS standard). Workshop attendees will also examine some authorization use cases that may drive new standards requirements.
“A combination of presentations, panels and demonstrations given by Kantara Initiative members will demonstrate how existing and emerging authorization standards fit into the enterprise and social web infrastructure,” says Paul Madsen, identity management researcher, NTT and Kantara Initiative chairman for Concordia DG and ID-WSF Evolution WG.
If you are interested in attending the Authorization Standards Workshop, please RSVP to Dervla O’Reilly, dervla[at]kantarainitiative[dot]org.
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Kantara Initiative is a global, open, public-private, technology-agnostic forum comprised of identity ecosystem stakeholders. Kantara initiative’s inspired mission is to promote technical interoperability and harmonization; to develop policy frameworks for operational interoperability and; to provide certification and assessment programs to grow trust in the standards, products, and service deployments. Kantara Initiative freely provides the governance and resources whereby diverse members of the ecosystem successfully collaborate on a diverse portfolio of common policy frameworks, technical specifications and deployment guidelines driven by the identity community, industry and governments from around the world. For more information about getting involved in Kantara Initiative, visit http://kantarainitiative.org/.
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