Kantara Initiative Awards SUNET CSP Trustmark Grant at Assurance Level 1 and 2

PISCATAWAY, NJ–(March 17, 2015, 2015) – Kantara Initiative announces the Grant of Kantara Initiative Service Approval Trustmark to the SUNET Credential Service Provider (CSP) service operating at Level of Assurance 1 and 2. SUNET was assessed against the Identity Assurance Framework – Service Assessment Criteria (IAF-SAC) by Kantara’s European based Accredited Assessor, Europoint.

A global organization, Kantara Initiative Accredits Assessors, Approves Credential and Component Service Providers (CSPs) at Levels of Assurance 1, 2 and 3 to issue and manage trusted credentials for ICAM and industry Trust Framework ecosystems. The broad and unique cross section of industry and multi-jurisdictional stakeholders, within the Kantara Membership, have the opportunity to develop new Trust Frameworks and profiles of the core Identity Assurance Framework for applicability to their communities of trust.

The key benefits of participation Kantara Initiative Trust Framework Program participation include: rapid on boarding of partners and customers, interoperability of technical and policy deployments, an enhanced user experience, competition and collaboration with industry peers. The Kantara Initiative Trust Framework Program drives toward modular, agile, portable, and scalable assurance to connect business, governments, customers, and citizens. Join Kantara Initiative to participate in the leading edge of trusted identity innovation development.

“We are very proud to be the first identity provider in Europe to be granted the Kantara trust mark. This is definitely a mile stone for SUNET and even more so for our identity providing service eduID. We believe very strongly in investing in and following a joint vision when it comes to identity providing online, where Kantara is a steady rock. Our talented co-workers put a lot of effort into the certification process and have done so gladly. We must all, worldwide, share a joint vision. We are looking forward to keeping up the good work,” said Valter Nordh, in charge of identity federation and related issues at SUNET.

“We are glad to have had the opportunity to assess SUNET’s service eduID and to validate their successful efforts to comply with Kantara IAF. SUNET is committed to the efforts to work with and use industry accepted standards. Europoint are convinced that international standardization is the way to achieve identity assurance,”said Björn Sjöholm, CEO and Lead Auditor at Europoint.

“We congratulate SUNET´s on their grant of Kantara Trustmark as an Approved CSP operating at Assurance Level 1 and 2. Further we are delighted to welcome SUNET as our first European region Approved CSP. This achievement marks a major milestone for the internationalization of our program,”said Joni Brennan, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative.

For further information or to accelerate your business by becoming Kantara Accredited or Approved contact secretariat@kantarainitaitive.org


About Kantara Initiative: Kantara Initiative connects business as an agile Identity Services market growth acceleration organization supporting trusted transactions technology and policy through our innovations, requirements development, compliance programs, and information sharing among leaders from: industry, research & education, government agencies, and international stakeholders. Join. Innovate. Trust. http://kantarainitiative.org


About SUNET:

Since the 1980s SUNET provides Swedish universities, colleges and many other organizations and agencies with infrastructure for data communication. SUNET network is as fast, stable and secure throughout the whole countries. In addition to the actual network SUNET offers various services that facilitate members’ activities such as eduID, eduroam, services for e-meetings, project management, mail filters and much more. SUNET also contributes to important issues in the world of Internet and infrastructure – please read more on http://sunet.se 

Watch a short film about SUNET: https://play.sunet.se/media/Sunet+-+EN/1_xxq21198/25557561


About Europoint:

Europoint is based in Sweden and offers consultancy services, specialist competence, and audits within the field of Information and IT security. Europoint is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) approved QSA and PA-QSA Company, and a PAN Nordic Card Association (PNC) third party auditor.