Extending the Power of Consent with User-Managed Access and OpenUMA

Kantara Initiative Presents, Extending the Power of Consent with User-Managed Access and OpenUMA

Existing notice-and-consent paradigms of privacy have begun to fail dramatically — and as recent Pew surveys have demonstrated, people have begun to (ahem) notice. The discipline of privacy engineering aspires to “craft”, but finds it hard to break out the “compliance” rut. The User-Managed Access (UMA) standard and the OpenUMA open-source project are stepping into the breach with two essential elements that change the game: asynchronous consent and centralized consent management.

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Why attend:
Join leaders to discuss your opportunities and challenges discussing User-Management Access for Health and Identify.

Who should attend:
Innovators, Enterprise, Public Sector, Executives, Engineers, Privacy Officers, Futurists

April 15, 2015 at 7:00-8:30am

McCormick Place, Room W21B


Time Topics Speakers
7:10-7:15AM Welcome Pete Palmer, MedAllies
7:15-7:25AM ID Assurance Opportunities in Health Peter Palmer, MedAllies
7:25-7:55AM Health Care Use Cases for UMA Eve Maler, ForgeRock
7:55-8:10AM Live OpenUMA Demo Eve Maler, ForgeRock
8:10-8:25AM Q&A

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