Kantara Initiative Work and Discussion Groups are volunteer, global, community driven and member-led, passionate about giving control of data back to people to help shape a better future of how we transact and interact online. They are focussed on improving the trustworthy use of Identity & Personal Data through innovation, standardization and good practice – from conception and incubation of an idea or project through reports and specifications development to assessment criteria and supporting tools for Trust Framework operations and assurance programs. They are arranged into two themes –  connected lives and trust services. More details on each Group are available direct from our wiki. Any member or non member may participate in and contribute to Kantara’s Groups, but only members hold leadership, brand association privileges through sponsorship that start at $9,995 and voting rights to approve the work through to publication at an All Member Ballot. We encourage you to join since Members are entitled to these and other greater benefits more broadly. Every member and non member participant must acknowledge and accept the applicable Group Participation Agreement (GPA) that references Kantara’s policies, procedures and Bylaws as well as the IPR option that the Group operates under that your contributions pertain to. We use legitimate interest as the lawful basis for collecting and processing basic contact information to operate the GPA with you effectively and to keep you informed about Kantara news and updates. We will not use or disclose this information for any other purpose than to fulfil those requirements unless required to by law.  Please see our Privacy Statement. JOIN A GROUP
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