File Download: Consent Receipt Specification

Title: Consent Receipt Specification

Version: 1.1.0

Date: 2018-02-20

Editors: Mark Lizar, David Turner

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Technical Specification Recommendation produced by the Consent & Information Sharing Work Group, and has been approved by the Group. The Public Comment and Intellectual Property Rights Review has been completed. It has been approved by the Membership of the Kantara Initiative. See the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures for more information.

Abstract: A Consent Receipt is record of authority granted by a Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Principal to a PII Controller for processing of the Principal’s PII. The record of consent is human-readable and can be represented as standard JSON. This specification defines the requirements for the creation of a consent record and the provision of a human-readable receipt. The standard includes requirements for links to existing privacy notices & policies as well as a description of what information has been or will be collected, the purposes for that collection as well as relevant information about how that information will be used or disclosed. This specification is based on current privacy and data protection principles as set out in various data protection laws, regulations and international standards.

Filename: consent-receipt-specification-v1-1-0.pdf