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Title: AMDG Report

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Date: n/a

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Abstract: The goal of the Attribute Management Discussion Group is to determine what Attribute Management means to Kantara Initiative (KI) stakeholders, what areas need further discussion or development, and to make recommendations regarding where and how the Kantara Initiative should contribute to efforts in this space.
The charter states:

IDENTIFY: Kantara Initiative stakeholder requirements regarding Attribute Management.
GAP ANALYSIS: Attribute Management KI stakeholder requirements compared to work under development (both internal and external to KI)
RECOMMEND: scope of work, potential KI adoption of external works, collaboration with external organizations and/or new WG in KI to perform design phase of Attribute Management based on requirements, discovery and gap analysis.

The purpose of this report is to provide a high-level look at the current state of the Attribute Management space and make recommendations on where further work would provide the most value to KI stakeholders.

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