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Due to COVID-19 most in-person events are being progressively cancelled or postponed, often replaced with virtual online webinars. We are proactively updating our events page as new information comes to hand, including online events designed to replace the in-person events impacted by the pandemic.


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Event Information:

  • Wed

    Identity North 2016

    Toronto, Canada

    'The great white north' is the birthplace of many of the best minds in the Digital Identity space.
    And many of those are Kantara members and participants!
    Identity Assurance WG's Ken Dagg will be Kantara's official representative, but Colin Wallis ED, supported by Andrew Hughes, former ED Joni Brennan and others who will take their place at the podium or on discussion panels.
    Several of our member organizations and a liaison will be presenting too - SecureKey, 2 Keys, DIACC and others.

    Watch out for another special, game-changing announcement from Kantara at this event!



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