European Trust and Identity Workshop: Feb 12-13

Kantara Initiative supports the European Trust and Identity Workshop event as part of ongoing activities to build shared infrastructure, value, and experience to Identity and Access Management systems. As a Trust Framework Provider and operator, Kantara Initiative has strong interest to ensure that internet identity systems are developed transparently and in a multi-stakeholder environment.  European Trust and Identity Workshop supports that interest through its activity and outreach helping to connect European interests with similar interests on a global scale.  We encourage Kantara Members and Participants to attend the European Trust and Identity Workshop.

Event: European Trust and Identity Workshop
When: February 12-13, 2013
Where: Vienna, Austria

The European Trust and Identity Workshop will focus on the following areas: 

  • Technology. Developing feasible and open standards.
  • Trust Frameworks. Establishing new paradigms and policy sets.
  • Usability. How can users navigate different identities and understand their data?
  • Economy. How can identity services fit into businesses requirements and opportunities for all stakeholders?
  • Interoperability. On which levels and areas is interoperability necessary or feasible? This is a cross-cutting concern for technical, legal and business views.
  • Deployment and operation. How can different options be supported and exploited in the best way, given the whole range of places and devices.
  • EU project challenges. The European Commission’s projects related to trust and identity like STORK and eID regulation are landmarks on the roadmap. How do other actors relate to and utilize those projects?

The meeting focus areas are of direct relevance to Kantara Groups including but not limited to:

  • Identity Assurance: maintaining the life cycle development of the Identity Assurance Framework (the core of current Katnara Trust Framework offering)
  • Federation Interoperability: Focusing on enabling interoperability of federations through development of profiles and test plans at the technology protocol level.
  • Trust Framework Meta Model: Developing landscape and analytical view of trust framework development and deployment across verticals and jurisdictions.
  • eGovernment:  Focused on alignments and opportunities for interoperability of both technology and policy within and across multiple jurisdictions.  
  • Business Cases for Trusted Federation: Collecting and analyzing business model use cases (planned and operational) for Trusted Federations.
  • Telecommunications Identity: Focused on interoperability and evolution of federations from a telecommunications perspective.

We encourage interested organizations and individuals to attend the European Trust and Identity Workshop and join Katnara Initiative in supporting shared infrastructure alignments via open and transparent multi-stakeholder participation. We look forward to your participation!

Best Regards,

Joni Brennan
Executive Director
Kantara Initiative