Announcing: Consent & Information Sharing WG

The Information Sharing Working Group is happy to announce that we have now officially changed our name from the ISWG to the Consent and Information Sharing Work Group (CISWG).
This enlarges the scope of the ISWG workgroup to include consent with information sharing. We welcome this additional mission to produce a consent schema for information sharing.
In every privacy legislated jurisdiction, consent is a requirement. In society, consent is what regulates all of us so that we can interact in proactive and collaborative ways.  Right now, the broken and outdated policy and infrastructure we use is broken on all sides of these agreements.  It works less and less to help people understand what will happen with their data, and less and less to regulate the one sided nature of those agreements.  The infrastructure for people to express preferences and protect their own data is missing from the people side of the infrastructure.
The CISWG Charter has been updated to reflect this scope, and we invite any Work Groups whether at Kantara, or outside, and projects that deal with consent to get in touch. Our first consent project will create a Consent Legal Map and Schema. We would love to hear about projects doing similar work, and we are open to participation and collaboration with other projects working on this task.
If you do any consent work, or have some consent requirements, we want to hear about those. In fact, the CISWG Wiki is setup for adding scenarios for both Information Sharing and Consent use cases and projects.
We have calls every second Tuesday for the Consent project and our next call is on Tue Jan 28 at 5pm UK, 12 New York, 9AM PT, if you are interested in dropping in.  If you want  join the group, to lurk as a non-voting member, or be actively involved you are more than welcome.  you can find all the infomration you need on the Information Sharing Wiki.