Kantara presents at APWG, OAS and ICANN eCrime event

Kantara will be present at the APWG eCrime event discussing Federation use cases which address fraud. A write up for the event is below.  If you’ll be at the event please join us.  We are looking forward to an excellent week connecting identity use cases and solutions which can help address and reduce instances of fraud and eCrime.
This October, the APWG is pleased to present eCrime 2012, a combined event that includes the 2012 APWG General Meeting, APWG eCrime Researchers Summit, and the ICANN DNS Security, Stability and Resiliency Symposium. This convocation of authorities in cybercrime management and research, presented in cooperation with the Organization of American States, the world’s oldest regional multilateral treaty organization, represents an unprecedented alignment of global actors in the confrontation with cybercrime.
eCrime 2012, running from Oct. 22-25, will include a one-day, members-only meeting on October 22nd and two full days of open sessions thereafter of programming that will be open to both members and non-members, to be followed by ICANN’s SSRS on the 25th. Delegates will examine crimeware’s evolution, phishing against wireless devices, behavioral vulnerabilities and human factors that contribute to eCrime’s success, cybercrime forensic tools and techniques, the roles of Registrars, Registries in managing cybercrime, as well as breaking news on counter-eCrime data resources developed by the APWG and its global correspondents.
The working agenda can be found here: http://apwg.org/events/2012_ecrime.html
eCrime 2012 is a milestone event for cybercrime management professionals, technologists, law enforcement officials and government ministers, unlike any other yet imagined by the cybercrime responder community to date, consolidating the thought-leadership and authority of the world’s preeminent counter-ecrime association, its correspondent researchers and the SSRS produced by ICANN, the curator and guardian of the DNS.
Please visit the eCrime 2012 event page for information regarding participation and registration fees for members and non-members of APWG. ( Note: before registering for eCrime 2012, check to see if your company is a member by inspecting the sponsors page at: http://tinyurl.com/9w25hpv )
There is no registration fee for the DNS SSRS event. eCrime 2012 delegates attending the APWG conference days are invited to participate in the DNS SSRS.
Registration link for eCrime 2012 is here: http://secure.lenos.com/lenos/antiphishing/ecrs2012/
(Logistics note: Those registering for APWG’s eCrime 2012 program, can sign up for DNS SSRS on the same registration page.)
Direct registration link for DNS SSRS is here: http://secure.lenos.com/lenos/antiphishing/dnsSSR2012/
The event venue is:
El Conquistador Resort & Conference Center
Las Croabas, Puerto Rico – USA
T 407-704-2377
C 407.267.5310
Please visit the conference web site (http://www.antiphishing.org/events/2012_ecrime.html)
for logistical and useful information about the venue, hotels, travel.
The discount code for conference hotel accommodation is: APWG10
The conference accommodation page is here: