Kantara announces formation of the Open Source Support Initiative WG (OSSI WG)

Kantara Initiative is happy to announce the formation of the Open Source Support Initiative WG (OSSI WG).

Open Source Softwares share common benefits with open specifications and open standards. They are all business enablers by acting for interoperability and knowledge sharing. As such, supporting Open Source initiatives directly supports the Kantara Initiative mission of harmonization and interoperability.

The OSSI WG will promote functional open source implementations related to digital identity management and associated paradigms (e.g., privacy and trust). The workgroup will also collect expectations and recommendations around open source, especially from other Kantara workgroups such as the eGovernment and Telecommunications Identity Work Groups. Finally, the OSSI WG will highlight gaps to identify issing open source implementations which are most needed.

For more information on the OSSI WG, please visit the home page here: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/ossi/Home