Kantara Initiative Announces Winners of the 2011 IDDY Awards

San Francisco, CA – February 14, 2011 — Kantara Initiative, a global identity community working to solve harmonization and interoperability challenges among identity-enabled enterprise, Web 2.0 and Cloud applications and services, today announced that two applications have won the 2011 IDDY (Identity Deployment of the Year) Award. The IDDY Deployment award winners are Newcastle University and National Institutes of Health iTrust.
The IDDYs will be presented today at the Identity Collaboration Day jointly produced by Kantara Initiative and Identity Commons in San Francisco, CA.
“As the speed of innovation accelerates in the Identity Management arena, new business models and use cases are emerging,” says Matthew Gardiner, Director CA Security Business & President, Kantara Initiative. “The IDDY Awards formally recognizes these innovations and their contributions to the digital identity management marketplace.
Now in its fifth year, the IDDY program has grown within Kantara Initiative to recognize the individuals and organizations developing identity-enabled applications built using any open identity technology. The IDDYs recognize two categories of achievement: ID Deployment and Emerging Applications. The ID Deployment category spotlights applications that are currently delivering significant and quantifiable identity management value to organizations and users. The Emerging Applications category showcases “up-and-coming” applications and proof-of-concepts driving the next generation of digital identity management solutions.
Judges evaluated nominations based on criteria that include the benefits applications deliver to communities, businesses, governments and people; the ROI the application demonstrates; and how the solution may successfully address identity issues such as reducing identity theft, meeting regulatory requirements, and providing users with increased security and privacy protection.
Winner in the ID Deployment Category: NIH iTrust
We are pleased to win the Deployment category as this means recognition of NIH’s leadership in accepting open standards-based third party identity credentials at US government websites,” said Debbi Bucci, NIH Integration Services Center Manager, Center for Information Technology (CIT).
NIH iTrust is multi-protocol enterprise authentication service that allows users to access multiple applications with a single third-party user credential. NIH iTrust enables federated identity management, allowing users both within and outside of NIH to access multiple applications and data sources across agencies, using their local identity credentials. It provides application owners with an easy and secure way to authenticate users and control access to sensitive data by leveraging third-party SAML and OpenID based credentials. More information about the project is available at https://federation.nih.gov/itrust/
Winner in the Emerging Applications/Proof of Concept Category: Newcastle University
With the increased amount of services available on the Web, the end user is no longer able to easily control access to their distributed data and is often paying the price in both privacy and convenience” said Maciej Machulak who leads the SMART project. “User-Managed Access and SMART aim to provide a solution to this problem. These approaches allow people to apply the necessary security and privacy controls to their personal data while retaining all the benefits of social interactions and data sharing that the Web environment offers.
SMART solution is the first Java implementation of the User-Managed Access (UMA) protocol developed at Newcastle University as part of a JISC-funded project. It allows users to have centralised, flexible and fine-grained control over access to their personal information on the Web. Users define their sharing preferences at a single Authorization Manager using an intuitive user interface for creating identity-based and claims-based policies. Such sharing settings can be later applied to distributed data hosted by UMA-enabled Web applications, such as the online storage and gallery services provided as part of the SMART solution. More information about the project is available at http://smartjisc.wordpress.com and http://www.tinyurl.com/uma-wg
About the Kantara Initiative 2011 IDDY Award Judging Panel
The IDDY Awards judging panel is comprised of ten identity management and privacy and policy experts from around the globe, working collectively to evaluate applications that follow specified judging criteria:
– J. Trent Adams, Trust and Identity Outreach Specialist, Internet Society
– Bob Bragdon, Publisher, CSO Magazine
– Philippe Clement, Head of Identity Marketing, Orange – FT
– Matthew Gardiner, Director CA Security Business & Kantara Initiative President
– Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics
– Leif Johansson, Systems Specialist at NORDUnet & SUNET
– Nate Klinginstein, Senior Technical Analyst, Internet2
– Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principle Analyst, Kuppinger, Cole & Partner
– Nat Sakimura, Senior Researcher, NRI
– Don Thibeau, Chairman, OIX
About Kantara Initiative
Kantara Initiative is a global, open, public-private, technology-agnostic forum comprised of identity ecosystem stakeholders. Its inspired mission is to promote technical interoperability and harmonization; to develop policy frameworks for operational interoperability and to provide certification and assessment programs to grow trust in the standards, products, and service deployments. For more information about getting involved in Kantara Initiative, visit http://kantarainitiative.org/


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