Spotlight on Maciej Machulak

Maciej Machulak is the Vice-Chair of the User-Managed Access Work Group (UMA WG). He has been actively involved in the group since July 2009 and plays an important role in the protocol specification as well as its implementation.
Maciej originally comes from Poland where he finished his MSc in Computing Engineering. He was then an Erasmus Exchange Student at Newcastle University where he additionally completed the Advanced MSc degree in “System Design for Internet Applications” (SDIA) in 2007. His thesis was awarded the 2007 Best SDIA Thesis. Before moving to do his PhD, Maciej worked at Red Hat on transactional Web services for a year.
Maciej’s PhD research is concerned with building a novel authorisation system for the Web, which would allow users to flexibly adapt access control settings to their Web resources to their particular security requirements. In late 2009, Maciej has also won funding for the SMART (Student-Managed Access to Online Resources) project from JISC. The project aims to build an UMA-based authorisation solution in Java and deploy this system within Newcastle University. This project has won the Kantara Initiative Identity Deployment of the Year (IDDY) 2011 Award for its efforts.
Maciej’s interests include security, privacy, and trust on the Web. He is also very interested in writing reliable cloud-based Web applications. In his spare time, Maciej enjoys jogging and traveling around the beautiful North-East of England with his friends. Learn more about Maciej Machulak at