Experian joins Kantara Initiative Board taking a Key Role in delivering Open, Secure, and Privacy-Respecting Identity Management Solutions

April 23, 2013, Piscataway, NJ – Kantara Initiative, a global identity initiative community, announced today that Experian has become a member of the Kantara Initiative Board of Trustees.  Experian joins Kantara Board Members from CA, Internet Society, Nomura Research Institute, Terena and Government of Canada to help drive the strategic direction of Kantara Initiative.
Kantara Initiative helps organizations to establish verified trust in use of digital identities for business and government services by collaborating with industry to develop and operate Trust and Interoperability Frameworks and Programs with global focus and application.
“We are expanding our role in Kantara Initiative to help lead the next generation of secure and privacy-respecting enterprise and government based web services and applications that, through trusted practices, leverage digital credentials proofed, issued, and managed to industry trusted practices,” said Barbara Rivera, president and general manager, Experian Public Sector business.  “Our wins with large government agencies, joint offering with Symantec, and our Precise ID SM solution receiving FICAM Recognition at Assurance Level 3 through Kantara prove we are clearly leading the industry when it comes to granting online access to services while simultaneously protecting individual users’ identities and safeguarding agency and constituent data.”
Experian joined Kantara Initiative as a Member in 2012 and has collaborated with other Kantara Members to drive and evolve the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework to be more reflective of industry use cases and scenarios including the consumer and public sector spaces by identifying the path to Component Service Recognition. Additionally, Experian was recognized as a Kantara LoA 3 Identity Proofing Component Service.  This recognition enables Service Providers to recognize Experian as a best of breed leader providing Identity Proofing services that are verified for trust. Recognition also allows Credential Issuance and Management organizations to recognize Experian for strategic business partnerships to provide trusted Credential Service Provider products.
“We are pleased to welcome Experian as a Kantara Trustee and industry leader to build the verified Trust layer in Identity Services via a scalable component approach which allows for innovation and industry partnerships that enable more trusted services, interoperability and efficiency for public and enterprise sector identity management solutions,” said Joni Brennan, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative.
For further information about Kantara Assurance programs or becoming a Kantara Member, please visit http://kantarainitiative.org/membership/ and contact support@kantarainitaitive.org.
About Kantara Initiative: Kantara Initiative is an industry and community organization which enables trust in identity services through our compliance programs, requirements development, and information sharing among communities including: industry, research & education, government agencies and international stakeholders. For more information about getting involved in Kantara Initiative, http://kantarainitiative.org