Executive Director’s Corner – September 2013

Welcome to the Executive Director’s Corner.  We verify Trusted ID system actors, build markets, enable communities, influence stakeholders, and give our members competitive industry visibility.  We share one common goal: to collaborate to develop and operate services that enable use of high-value trusted identity credentials.

As Executive Director (ED) of Kantara Initiative, I get to enjoy a full overview of the activities and achievements of the organization and our Members.  Below are some of the recent highlights.

Items of Interest:

  • Kantara Initiative has secured a number of speaking engagements planned for October 2013 including:
    • 14 October 2013 Kantara Workshop in Washington, D.C.
    • 16 October 2013 User Centric ID Live
    • 21-23 October 2013 Internet Identity Workshop.
  • Kantara Initiative is preparing for significant additional interested in Assurance Approval.  Kantara Initiative is the premiere Trust Framework Provider for the new Federal Cloud Credential eXchange (FCCX / pronounced “F6”). Organizations seeking to connect to FCCX must be Assurance Approved.
  • Kantara Initiative is planning a series of summits focusing on standards and business development issues for trusted identity and privacy.


  • ISO/ITU-T: Next activities on the way in preparation of Liaison Statements. This activity is only available as a benefit of membership. Not a Member? Join  now.
  • EHNAC / DirectTrust:  The HIAWG TigerTeam is developing a cross recognition feasibility study as next steps of the MoU.  If you’d like to get involved join HIAWG.
  • IDESG: MoU complete. Kantara is the first formal liaison of IDESG.  Kantara will work closely with the Trust Framework and the Standards groups.

What’s new in Kantara?

  • NSTIC Resilient Network: We are moving forward to begin work to identify a set of Service Assessment Criteria that is applicable to actors in the Resilient Network.  This work will take place as part of a sub-team of the IAWG.  If you have interest in participating please join the IAWG or contact the ED.
  • HIAWG: HIAWG TigerTeam draft to determine feasibility of inter-Trust Framework recognition.
  • UMAWG: Crowdtilt campagin has tilted to build OAuth 2.0 and OpenID plug-ins for apache server.  This is a core component to “hook-up” UMA.
  • IDoTDG: The newest group in Kantara,  IDoT is already creating a buzz. Join now to be an early contributor.
  • IAWG: IAWG continues to develop the next revision of the Identity Assurance Framework (IAF).  Particular focus on mapping NIST 800-63-2 to the IAF V3.
  • ISWG: InfoSharing WG continues to move forward the Information Sharing Label as well as the Open Notice contribution.

Our Members do Big things in ID!


  • LC: The LC should now steadily be working through and with the WG charters as part of the recent call to update all WG charters.

Events ahead:

  • 4 October Kantara Workshop at Smart Card Alliance in Washington D.C. We’ll focus on Trusted Identity eXchange.
  • 16 October User Centric ID Live in Washington D.C.  We’ll be explaining our role in programs like ICAM, FCCX, NSTIC and more.
  • 21-23 October Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in Mountain View, California. We’ll be talking Trust Frameworks 101 and OpenID Connect for Assurance scenarios.
  • 3-8 November IETF in Vancouver BC.  We’re tracking many IETF work items, but OAuth is just one that’s high on our list.  We’ll see you there.
  • 13 November Identity North in Vancouver BC.  We’re looking forward to meeting up in the Great White North to discuss issues of interest to our Canadian stakeholders and beyond.
  • 9-13 December OECD-ITAC in Paris, France. We’ll be taking this opportunity to meet with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as part of our representative seat in the Internet Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC).