IRM in action – Webinar

Hot on the heals of returning from SCA, UserCentric ID Live, IDESG, and IIW17, we now return to our virtual offices with the exciting fall season of Identity Management underway.
Next up will be our webinar hosted by BrightTalk taking place on Wednesday Oct 30 at 8am PT.  We’ll be discussing the evolution of IdM/IAM to IRM.  That’s Identity Relationship Management.
Identity Relationship Management is about transforming the approach and language of IdM/IAM in to the language of business.  It’s about making IdM/IAM relevant to CIOs, Business Developers, Management and Users.  IRM speaks the language of business, scalability, adaptability, and transformation.  If you’ve not already read our blog about the IRM pillars please do so now and sign-on to show your support of the pillars.
IRM has been influenced by many great works of recent and from the past.  It’s key founding signatories include experts from, Experian, ForgeRock and Kantara Initiative.  If you’d like to hear more about the pillars please join our webinar – 
We look forward to answering your questions about IRM and enabling the Trust layer of Identity Ecosystems!
– Joni Brennan
Executive Director, Kantara Initiative