2014 Events on the Horizon

As we move to close 2013 we’re already excited by all of the opportunities for 2014.  Planning is underway on some exciting initiatives and great events for 2014!  A taste of the details are below.
The following events are confirmed for 2014

  • NSTIC Pilots in Motion – Jan 30: This is a special event produced by Kantara and hosted at the Department of Commerce in Washington DC.  The event is an industry day that will feature NSTIC pilots where Kantara is playing a role.  There may be more pilots added to the day as time and space allows.  This event is complementary to similar pilot days being held at IDESG in the weeks prior.  Our event is positioned to bring a different audience for complementary review and industry input. Event space is limited and we’ll have more details on how you can attend soon.  If you’re interested to join us please send an inquiry to staff at kantarainitiative.org.
  • HIMSS – Feb 23-27: We’re planning an amazing workshop for HIMSS 2014. The is the second year in a row Kantara will be hosting a workshop at HIMSS.  This conference go’s big and we love the theme: Innovation, Impact, Outcomes, Onward! We’ll have more details about our workshop posted soon and we hope you’ll join us for this open industry event.
  • RSA – Feb 24-28: RSA is always an amazing event.  We have Kantara Members appearing on conference agenda topics and we’re very happy to bring the next installment of “Non-Profits on the Loose”.  Non-Profits on the Loose is a great opportunity for our non-profit friends and family to gather.  Last year’s event was a packed house (ok packed art gallery).  We all have a great opportunity at this event to break bread with other non-profits, industry leader stakeholders, and government representatives from around the world. Check out last year’s event.
  • EIC – May 12-16: The European Identity and Cloud Conference is an event we look forward to every year. We’ll be hosting another workshop at EIC in 2014.  Our workshops “are asked for by name” at EIC.  We’ll be presenting around IRM, UMA, Profiling of OpenID Connect & OAuth, and much more.  Anyone in the Kantara community attending should register with our discount codes.  Kantara Community Code (10% discount) = “kantara”.  Kantara Members can register with our 20% off code = contact staff at kantarainitiative.org for details.

There’s much more to come from Kantara and we encourage you to join us at this exciting time in Identity, Trust and Privacy innovation.