Real Consent Workshops: The Consent Tech Bubble Grows

By Mark Lizar and Colin Wallis
It’s been humbling to see the growth, interest and awareness in consent tech over the last eight months and it is exciting to have Kantara right in the middle of it all.
Over a year ago, the Kantara Initiative: Consent & Information Sharing Work Group, proposed a collaboration with the Digital Catapult, Personal Data & Trust Network (, Consent Work Group and started a one-year plan to create awareness in Consent Tech.
To achieve this collaboration a series of five ‘Real Consent Workshops’ were facilitated. Curated by Kantara and Digital Catapult experts, the workshops delved into what would make consent and trust scale with people and personal data. Pretty exciting, groundbreaking stuff!
The Real Consent Workshops looked at the gap between consent people find meaningful and what we have online today. With experts in various fields presenting on various topics. (for background and blog posts see
Since the first event there has been an incredible surge of interest. As both new laws for consent in the EU were announced and laws for the transfer of personal information were created with Privacy Shield. Both these actions have served as a catalyst for the Consent Tech market. As a result we have seen the conversation about real consent evolve into a call for summer consent tech projects. This is great news for Kantara.
Now, the Personal Data and Trust Network (Consent Work Group) is holding a
Mark Lizar, Consultant and Integration Technical Producer for Smart Species, LTD London,
Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative,