Privacy and Public Policy WG (P3WG) is up and running

Just a quick post to confirm that the Privacy and Public Policy Work Group (P3WG) has had its charter approved, and will hold its first conf. call next week (I will post precise details as soon as the participants have voted for their preferred time).
Here are some links to help anyone who is interested in getting involved:
1 – P3WG home page:
2 – Where to go to register for the Work Group:
3 – Where to go to subscribe to the mailing list for P3WG:
This is the address for the P3WG mail list: wg dash p3 at kantarainitiative dot org
Please note that registering for the WG does not automatically subscribe you to the mailing list… you need to do that.
Also, please bear in mind the Home Page is still very “raw” – I’m hoping we will quickly and collectively populate it with compelling material, and it’s also possible we will tweak the layout to suit the content. Please bear with me as the WG’s Home Page takes shape and evolves.
I look forward to having you participate and contribute!