Eve Maler Blogs: Consumerizing IT at Catalyst

The Burton Catalyst conference being held in San Diego in a couple of weeks is one of those don’t-miss events. If you’re going (I said it was don’t-miss, didn’t I?), you’ll want to get into town in time for the free Project Concordia workshop being held on the Monday. Our theme is Use Cases Driving Identity in Enterprise 2.0: The Consumerization of IT. This link gives you the agenda and instructions on how to register — it’s not too late.
We Concordians are excited to have Mike Gotta and Alice Wang of Burton Group on hand on Monday to present Relationships and Identity: Two Sides of the Social Networking Coin. We’ll also deep-dive on authorization standards progress and the evergreen “levels of assurance” topic (see the Concordia mailing list for huge volumes of discussion on it). And we’ll even review some potential ProtectServe use cases.
The workshop also makes a great companion to the Cloud SSO Interop Demo being run later in the week, in which Sun is participating. And and come visit me and my colleagues at the Sun hospitality suite on Wednesday night! I hear our own Smoking Monkey might be decked out in special attire…