OpenID Summit Paris, October 18, 2010 hosted by Orange-FT

The OpenID Summit will be held in Paris on October 18 hosted by Orange-FT at their Issy les Moulineaux campus in Southern Paris. This is a chance for developers, identity providers and relying parties to exchange information. Nat Sakimura and John Bradley have agreed to be the co-organizers.
Like the previous London event, the Paris Summit is coupled with Kantara Initiative’s third meeting, Tuesday-Thursday, October 19-21 at Orange-FT campus, Paris, France. We hope the discussions at the OpenID Summit will benefit marketing and technical teams at Orange-FT and attendees at the Kantara event by providing updates on various working groups and a review of significant OpenID deployments.
Thanks in advance to our friends at Orange-FT and to Nat and John for their leadership. We encourage all OIDF community and corporate members to commit early to presentations and use this opportunity to extend the adoption and technology working groups’ discussions to our colleagues in the UK and EU. The updates provided by large international identity providers benefit both local staff as well as smaller companies and developers. We will create a Summit wiki and registration site soon. Please forward this to colleagues and friends abroad and note the final 2010 OpenID Summit will be on November 8th at Facebook headquarters in Mountain View, CA.
Registration for the OpenID Summit event Oct. 18 is here: – contact Don Thibeau, regarding presentations and further details

Registration for Kantara Initiative’s meeting Oct. 19-21 is here: – contact Dervla O’Reilly, for further details