Kantara Initiative Announces Today Fifth Annual IDDY Awards Recognizing Achievement in Identity Management

Piscataway, NJ, 14 September, 2010 – Kantara Initiative announced today its fifth Annual Identity Deployment of the Year (IDDY) Awards event which will take place at the 2011 RSA Conference in San Francisco on February 14. Formerly awarded by the Liberty Alliance, the IDDY Awards is the identity management industry’s first event to recognize individuals and organizations for developing and deploying outstanding digital identity management solutions.
This fifth year of the IDDY Awards will honor deployments and proofs of concepts of identity specifications that utilize any open/standard identity technology, including ID-WSF, Identity services from the Cloud, IGF, Information Cards, OATH, OAuth, OpenID, OpenSocial, OPML, PKI, RDF, RSS, SAML, WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS, XACML, XDI, XMPP extensions, XRD, XRI, etc. Applications for recipients are being accepted now, and deployers of these technologies are encouraged to participate.
“As the speed of innovation accelerates in the Identity Management arena, new business models and use cases are emerging,” says Matthew Gardiner, director CA Technologies & president, Kantara Initiative. “The IDDY Awards formally recognizes these innovations and their contributions to the digital identity management marketplace.”
The IDDYs recognize two categories of achievement: ID Deployment and Emerging Applications. The ID Deployment category spotlights applications that are currently delivering significant and quantifiable identity management value to organizations and users. The Emerging Applications category showcases “up-and-coming” applications and proof-of-concepts driving the next generation of digital identity management solutions.
• Judges announced: September 14, 2010
• Applications due: January 3, 2011 by midnight PT
(submit to IDDY@kantarainitiative.org)
• Winners notified: January 17, 2011
• Award presentation: February 14, 2011
The IDDY Awards judging panel is comprised of nine identity management and privacy and policy experts from around the globe, working collectively to evaluate applications that follow specified judging criteria:
– J. Trent Adams, Internet Society, Kantara Initaitve Leadership Council Chair
– Bob Bragdon, CSO
– Philippe Clement, Orange – FT
– Matthew Gardiner, CA Technologies, Kantara Initiative President
– Gerry Gebel, Axiomatics
– Leif Johansson, SUNET
– Nate Klinginstein, Internet2
– Martin Kuppinger, Kuppinger, Cole & Partner
– Nat Sakimura, NRI
ID Deployment Award criteria
1) Application meets and/or exceeds objectives established by the development team (25%)
2) Application demonstrates ROI (20%)
3) Application provides specific benefits to organizations and/or consumers and users (20%)
4) Application successfully addresses identity issues such as reducing/preventing identity theft, addressing ease of use issues, helping to meet regulatory requirements, increasing consumer privacy, addressing policy challenges (i.e., regulatory compliance and/or liability between trusted partners, etc.), enabling new business services, etc. (20%)
5) Tools used to develop the application demonstrate interoperability to open specifications and/or standards, e.g. having passed the Kantara Initiative InteroperableTM testing program or equivalent (15%)
Emerging Applications Award criteria
1) Application has the potential to deliver new identity management capabilities (fills an industry need) to users and organizations (30%)
2) Application has the potential for wide scale deployment (20%)
3) Application successfully addresses identity issues such as reducing/preventing identity theft, addressing ease of use needs, helping to meet regulatory requirements, increasing consumer privacy, addressing policy challenges, etc. (20%)
4) Interoperability of vendor products plays a role in the potential success of this application (10%)
5) Application has the potential to allow organizations or individuals to deploy/enable new services and/or meets key vertical market requirements (20%)
Past winners include the best and brightest in the identity marketplace, and Kantara Initiative looks forward to honoring this year’s recipients at their annual Identity Workshop at RSA. For more information on the 5th Annual IDDY Awards and an application, please go to:
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