Register: Kantara Initiative NSTIC Pilots in Motion Day

UPDATE: The NSTIC has just announced FFO 2014 pilot opportunities.  Join us at the US Federal Department of Commerce in Washington DC on January 30th to hear from a selection of current pilots.  Stay for January 31st in Gaithersburg MD to discuss the 2014 pilots opportunities.
We invite communities, businesses and governments representatives to attend the Kantara Initiative “NSTIC¬†Pilots¬†in¬†Motion”¬†industry day. Gracious thanks to the¬†NSTIC¬†NPO and US Department of¬†Commerce¬†for¬†providing the event venue. Kantara Initiative, a liaison of the IDESG, is pleased to industry, academia, and communities this great opportunity to cross-network and share more time with a select set of NSTIC Pilot projects.¬†This event is¬†supplemental to the IDESG¬†pilot¬†updates and provides a view¬†in¬†to the¬†NSTIC¬†Pilots¬†progress. Space is limited so please be sure to register!

Event:  Kantara Initiative NSTIC Pilots in Motion Industry Day
Date:  January 30, 2014
Time:   09:00 Р16:00
Location:  US Department of Commerce Hosted by NIST, Washington DC

Why Your Organization Should Attend:¬†This event provides a unique face-2-face experience with the NSTIC Pilot programs. ¬†They will each have a full hour to discuss the fine details of their activities. NSTIC¬†Pilots¬†in¬†Motion¬†industry day is an opportunity to¬†learn, connect, harmonize, and discuss the latest NSTIC¬†Pilot¬†developments and opportunities¬†with your colleagues, partners, and peers. Learn what’s on each of their roadmaps and how your organization might benefit or get involved. We’ll also discuss the role Trust¬†Framework Providers play to help build and normalize new markets around¬†Identity Relationship Management (IRM).

Welcome: Kantara Initiative Board Member Experian and NSTIC NPO, 15 min
Perspective: A TFP Perspective to NSTIC Pilots and FCCX: Kantara, 20min
Pilot Presentation: Criterion: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Pilot Presentation: Daon: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Pilot Presentation: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Networking Lunch, 1hr
Pilot Presentation: Resilient Networks: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Pilot Presentation: UCAID: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Open Discussion: Share your Q&A: 20 min
Closing: Wrap Up & Thanks: 15 min
* Agenda may be amended prior to event.