Register: Kantara Initiative NSTIC Pilots in Motion Day

UPDATE: The NSTIC has just announced FFO 2014 pilot opportunities.  Join us at the US Federal Department of Commerce in Washington DC on January 30th to hear from a selection of current pilots.  Stay for January 31st in Gaithersburg MD to discuss the 2014 pilots opportunities.
We invite communities, businesses and governments representatives to attend the Kantara Initiative “NSTIC Pilots in Motion” industry day. Gracious thanks to the NSTIC NPO and US Department of Commerce for providing the event venue. Kantara Initiative, a liaison of the IDESG, is pleased to industry, academia, and communities this great opportunity to cross-network and share more time with a select set of NSTIC Pilot projects. This event is supplemental to the IDESG pilot updates and provides a view in to the NSTIC Pilots progress. Space is limited so please be sure to register!

Event:  Kantara Initiative NSTIC Pilots in Motion Industry Day
Date:  January 30, 2014
Time:   09:00 – 16:00
Location:  US Department of Commerce Hosted by NIST, Washington DC

Why Your Organization Should Attend: This event provides a unique face-2-face experience with the NSTIC Pilot programs.  They will each have a full hour to discuss the fine details of their activities. NSTIC Pilots in Motion industry day is an opportunity to learn, connect, harmonize, and discuss the latest NSTIC Pilot developments and opportunities with your colleagues, partners, and peers. Learn what’s on each of their roadmaps and how your organization might benefit or get involved. We’ll also discuss the role Trust Framework Providers play to help build and normalize new markets around Identity Relationship Management (IRM).

Welcome: Kantara Initiative Board Member Experian and NSTIC NPO, 15 min
Perspective: A TFP Perspective to NSTIC Pilots and FCCX: Kantara, 20min
Pilot Presentation: Criterion: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Pilot Presentation: Daon: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Pilot Presentation: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Networking Lunch, 1hr
Pilot Presentation: Resilient Networks: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Pilot Presentation: UCAID: 45 min overview, 15 min Q&A
Open Discussion: Share your Q&A: 20 min
Closing: Wrap Up & Thanks: 15 min
* Agenda may be amended prior to event.