Kantara Initiative UMA Validator Bounty Program

We’re happy to announce v.1.0 of the new UMA Validator Bounty Program!

  • Develop material that assists in validating the compliance of implemented authorization manager, host, requester, and authorizing user/user agent endpoints to the UMA draft specifications (and their referenced external specifications).
  • The material can consist of positive and negative test cases, executable code, testing guidelines, full test suites, and/or other deliverables necessary for testing UMA functionality.
  • Testing code can be in any language, but must be available under a well-recognized open-source license and must be in a form that can be readily hosted at KantaraInitiative.org or another agreed-upon site.
  • The goals are to promote multiple interoperable implementations of the UMA specifications and to drive improvements in those specifications that support interoperability and compliance.

Bounty award details

  • The total bounty available is US$4000.
  • The amount awarded may be divided among multiple submitters, and the full amount does not have to be awarded.
  • Expressions of submission interest, including a description of the proposed task and an estimate of hours needed to complete it, are due to staff at kantarainitiative.org by 1 Nov 2010, 11:59pm Pacific time, to be eligible.
  • It is recommended that draft submissions be sent by 6 Dec 2010 to allow time for WG review and feedback before the final deadline.
  • Submissions of completed materials are due by 13 Dec 2010, 11:59pm Pacific time, to be eligible.
  • The UMA WG, by a simple majority of those voting (any submitters recusing themselves from voting), will decide and announce bounty awards by 16 Dec 2010.
  • The Kantara managing director will administer any awarded funds by 31 Dec 2010.