Kantara Initiative internationalizes its Trusted Identity Services community welcoming GakuNin, Europoint, and athenahealth

PISCATAWAY, NJ–(November 17th, 2015) – Kantara Initiative is proud to announce further internationalization of its Identity Assurance Program welcoming GakuNin Access Federation, Europoint, and athenahealth to the Kantara league of industry leaders. The growth of the Kantara Trust Status List of services and assessors enhances opportunities for international market development.
GakuNin Access Federation is the first Kantara Accredited Assessor qualified to perform Katnara Assessments at Assurance Level 1 in the jurisdiction of Japan. GakuNin is leading the trust framework construction among various sectors in Japan including business, government, and academia.
Europoint continues to pioneer international leadership by becoming re-Accredited as a Kantara Assessor qualified to perform Kantara Assessments at Assurance Levels 1,2,3, and 4 in the jurisdictions of Europe and the United States.
athenahealth is the newest Kantara Initiative Approved Credential Service Provider qualified to offer credential services at Assurance Level 3 in the jurisdiction of the United States. The industry leadership of athenahealth connects a broader vision to the Kantara Identity Assurance Program.
Joni Brennan, Kantara Executive Director said, “The Kantara ID Assurance Program delivers the value of interoperability internationally through the leadership of long-time Kantara Accredited Assessor Europoint and now with the newly Accredited Assessor GakuNin Federation. Providing value in the healthcare sector, Kantara is also thrilled to welcome innovating athenahealth as the newest Kantara Approved CSP.”
Prof. Jun Adachi, Chair of Committee for GakuNin said, “We would like to share the global baseline that is achieved by leveraging a trust framework. GakuNin has joined and participated in Kantara Initiative to help us to address these needs.”
To learn more about GakuNin Access Federation, please visit http://www.gakunin.jp/
Björn Sjöholm, CEO of Europoint said, “We are excited to continue our work within the Kantara community as Accredited Assessors. We are convinced that international standardization is the way to achieve confidence and assurance for electronic identities.”
To learn more about Europoint, please visit www.europoint.se
About Kantara Initiative
Kantara Initiative is a membership non-profit organization that provides strategic vision and real world innovation for the digital identity transformation.  Developing initiatives including: Identity Relationship ManagementUser Managed Access (EIC Award Winner for Innovation in Information Security 2014), Identities of Things, and Minimum Viable Consent Receipt.