Announcing the formation of the Interoperability WG – Call for Participation

Below is a call for participation sent to the Kantara community@ list by Ari Kermaier, co-chair of the Interoperability Review Board. Please feel free to pass this note on to colleagues or friends who may be interested.
The Kantara Initiative is expanding its focus beyond SAML 2.0 and is working to cultivate and manage new certification programs covering a broad spectrum of developing identity and access protocols. Some of the emerging standards currently under consideration for testing are:
– WS–Trust
– WS–Security
– OpenID
– InfoCard
– Oauth
To support the development of the new test procedures needed for this program, the Kantara Initiative is announcing the formation of the Kantara Initiative Interoperability Work Group (IOPWG) – chartered to support the Kantara Initiative Interoperability Program through the development of Test Procedures to be used by the Interoperability Review Board, regardless of protocol. The IOPWG will work closely with the Interoperability Review Board (IRB), the Kantara Initiative sub-committee responsible for member oversight of the Interoperability Program.
In addition, the IOPWG will be available to provide expertise and technical support to the IRB during the course of any of the Kantara Initiative Interoperability events, and will assist in resolving questions of protocol interpretation that may arise among test participants.
If you’d like to get involved in the Kantara Initiative Interoperability Program to recommend test procedures for such emerging standards as WS–Trust, WS–Security. OpenID, InfoCard, Oauth and XRD, the IOPWG is the group for you!
For more information on the Interoperability Workgroup, please visit the IOPWG home page at to see:
– The Charter
– Mail list and Archives
– Designated IPR Policy options for operation
– “Join this Group” Button
ANYONE may participate in a Kantara Initiative Work Group. If you or your colleagues would like to join this group, you will simply need to complete the Group Participation Agreement here:
(NOTE: joining Kantara Initiative as a Member does not automatically enroll you as a Participant in any particular WG or DG–you must specifically join those groups in which you choose to participate):
Of course, if you encounter any problems on our Website, the Kantara Initiative Staff is always happy to assist! If you have any questions about the Kantara Initiative or how to get involved please don’t hesitate to send us a message (support[at]kantarainitiative[dot]org) or use our contact form here:
Please join us in congratulating the IOPWG on its formation!