Identity Assurance, an everyday life issue – articles from the IAWG Chair

Frank Villavicencio, Kantara Initiative’s Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) chair, has posted a very interesting 2 part blog article called “Identity Assurance, an everyday life issue”. In this 2 part series of articles Frank provides an excellent overview of Identity Assurance concepts as well as examples of how Identity Assurance applies to everyday life experiences. The intro to the articles is copied below and the full series can be read from the links provided.

The notion of identity assurance is to establish, with a level of certainty, that the human being represented by a credential in an electronic transaction is in fact the alleged person. Whether you realize it or not, whenever you perform an electronic transaction, you are making some kind identity assurance tradeoff.
Identity assurance does not only apply to scenarios in the extranet in which consumers or users from one organization interact with systems in another. It also applies within the enterprise where you need to view identity lifecycle management holistically, as opposed to fragmented steps, such as provisioning, authentication, single sign-on, etc.; and how they contribute to creating and maintaining identity assurance.

Full Articles:

Thanks for the great articles Frank!